On September 25, 2015 the HDS Foundation, along with executives from Bank of America, hosted a lunch workshop related to bank accounts, ATMs, and learning to manage money for students. Bank of America collaborated with the students, explaining the types of accounts, security, the benefits and responsibilities of managing a bank account, and other important information. The students had many questions about a number of the facets of banking, including security, how and where they could potentially use their accounts, and other important points about money management. This experience proved to be quite beneficial for the students, as they were able to get a better understanding of money management and banking. And, this newfound understanding is key for activities to come, in which bank account usage will be involved. Each student was presented with the option of creating a bank account, which will be used during class activities whilst in the community. This is an area of independence skills instruction that both Ms. Mansollilo and Ms. Gard will be focusing on. There will be a follow up activity in which Bank of America will be coming to the school to meet with the parents, and bank account applications will be processed. The students are very excited about this new venture – it takes them one step closer to being fully prepared for successful independent living.