On June 21st of 2017, I started working at a company in Weston known as Housing and Development Software as a paid intern, which marked the beginning of the best year of my life. Unlike most businesses, the employees are specially trained to interact with coworkers on the autism spectrum like me. Thats because the CEO of the company, the wonderful Mrs. Cristina Gilson, has an equally wonderful daughter named Kate who also happens to be autistic. This inspired her to create an organization within HDS dedicated to helping autistic people find work, succeed, and so on. At first, my responsibilities at HDS were a bit limited, having to only do tasks such as cleaning the break room and occasionally move boxes around. But as the months passed, I gained more experience and my tasks become more diverse and challenging, ranging from scanning files onto the office database to pulling various folders for corresponding cases. Also, Ive developed strong friendships with many of my coworkers, including my superiors Carla and Erin, who happen to be Mrs. Cristinas right hand women. Theyve been very supportive of me, making sure I wasnt too overwhelmed by the workload they presented to me while also helping me improve myself as an employee. And likewise, Ive provided my coworkers with the same level of support and acceptance theyve shown me out of gratitude for welcoming me with open arms. Im so lucky to have been a part of the HDS family for a whole year now, and here are the reasons why: 


  1. Friendships stronger than Spielberg and Kubrick working together on A.I. 
  2. More optimism than Eddie Murphy after Adventures of Pluto Nash 
  3. A more thrilling environment than Alone in the Dark 
  4. A richer history than Assassins Creed 
  5. A stronger group infrastructure than the Yautja in Alien vs Predator 
  6. Female coworkers more beautiful than Pamela Anderson in Barb Wire 
  7. Paychecks so generous they make me feel like Batman 
  8. The employees love coffee like vampires love blood in Bram Stokers Dracula 
  9. Protection of par with Captain Americas shield 
  10. Like Schwarzenegger in Conan the Barbarian, they make and underdog like me feel important 
  11. They never turn a blind eye to a problem like Daredevil 
  12. The people there are so nice that Ghost Rider doesnt even have to look at them to deem them innocent 
  13. Theyre physically strong like the Hulk 
  14. Theyre mentally strong like Iron Man 
  15. Theyre better ruler enforcers than Judge Dredd and RoboCop combined 
  16. Theyre wiser than the Oracle the The Matrix 
  17. Theyre more charismatic than Johnny Cage in Mortal Kombat 
  18. Theyre more responsible with their great power than Spider-Man 
  19. The staff has more diversity than the cast of Street Fighter 
  20. Every day is so action-packed its like one of Michael Bays Transformers movies