A Scavenger Hunt at Publix?  This is exactly what the B.R.I.D.G.E.S class did for their weekly Community Based Instruction (CBI) field trip, and they had a blast!

Before heading to Publix, students were very busy in the classroom going on a virtual field trip to see where everything was in a grocery store. Next, they began to work on where they would find certain items in the store such as: the different aisles, produce and freezer sections. They also learned how to check out their grocery items and how to properly bag their items. Students then participated in a “mock” grocery store as the classroom became Publix for a day.

On the following class day, they were on their way to Publix for the Scavenger Hunt. They were ready! Each student received a list with the names & pictures of various items found around the store, a clipboard, and a pencil. The list included paper good items, produce, vegetables, freezer items and dairy products. Students were divided into teams with an adult to help them find the items in the store. Each student had to identify what isle the item was in and the cost.

As the students made their way around Publix, they discussed the different brands of items and costs of each one. They couldn’t believe how much different items cost just because of the brand name. Once they completed their Scavenger Hunt, they all headed to get a cookie at the bakery! This was their special treat for doing such a great job!

What a great CBI to practice Resources, Independence, Growth, Empowerment and Social Skills!