October 29th marked the Second Annual Halloween Party for the Cypress Bay BRIDGES program. Both Parents and HDS Foundation staff members were invited to celebrate with the class. HDS Foundation was very happy to be invited to this party and were ready to have some fun! The event was held at Tarantella in Weston from 5:15 to 7:30 in the evening, who graciously hosted the party and served the students. Students were able to show off some newly learned skills to the HDS Foundation, and had the opportunity to dress up for the occasion.

At Tarantella, the students had the chance to use and showcase their social skills. The students all ordered meals and drinks, using effective and polite communication skills, as well as money managing skills, as they wanted to buy a well-priced meal once tax and gratuity had been added. They socialized well all throughout the meal with the students, teachers, and HDS Foundation staff, demonstrating a more casual set of communication skills. They used conversation starters to help them out at the beginning, but soon got into the conversation and were very animated in speaking and telling stories. When it came time to pay, they paid an appropriate gratuity amount and used their ATM cards, showcasing their skills in purchasing, as well as their understanding of gratuities and their importance when paying for services.

The students were also able to dress up, showing off their very distinct personalities. Costumes ranged from graphic tees showing off holiday spirit, to a spider witch, to a mobster, to a very detailed pirate. Dr. Sandy even showed up in a wolf’s head to the occasion! Seeing all the students in their costumes was truly incredible, as it showed off their very distinct and diverse personalities, personalities that also meshed so well over the party’s conversation. The costumes made the excitement for Halloween all the more real, and talk touched upon plans for trick-or-treating and candy. Which was terrific to overhear that the students were wanting to do after.

The Second Annual Halloween Party was a definite success. The students seemed to greatly enjoy this gathering, as well as participating in conversation with their classmates, teachers, and the HDS Foundation staff. The teachers spoke very highly of the party, and also seemed to truly enjoy this time to celebrate the upcoming holiday in a fun and exciting way. The HDS Foundation staff had an incredible time, and loved getting to see the skills the students had learned, and learn more about the students through conversation and through their original and diverse costumes. Everyone had an incredible time!