The three words children and teens learn in case of a fire are: Stop, Drop and Roll. But not many know what occurs at a fire station, the firefighter’s role, or the training that goes into becoming one. With that being said, the Cypress Bay B.R.I.D.G.E.S. Program took their weekly CBI trip to the Weston Fire Station!

As the bus rolled in and the students walked out, the class was greeted by some of the firefighters who gave them a tour of the station. The tour began in the kitchen where students quickly started to ask many great questions which included: “How much money do firefighters make a year? What happens when firefighters are sleeping, and the alarm goes off? How do firefighters know what type of emergency it is?” and more. The firefighters were impressed with the many questions being asked and took the time to answer every single question.

After touring the inside of the station, students made their way outside towards the fire trucks. They were educated about the process firefighters take to prepare for an emergency, the different tools that are used to help people in a fire, and the variety of horns trucks had and the meaning of each sound. One of the tools that the students were able to experience was the heat sensor. This tool demonstrated how intense real smoke can be in a fire and how hard it is to see past it. Students’ jaws dropped at how amazing and cool it worked to save lives. Then came the loud noises… Students listened to the horns used to warn cars to move over and heard the alarm that goes off warning firefighters when there is an emergency. Lastly, the best part of the day for the students was the end where they had the opportunity to use the hose and spray water. The smiles on their faces were PRICELESS!

Once the tour was over, the firefighters invited the students to eat lunch with them where they enjoyed their delicious meals over great conversations. This CBI focused on the class’ resources and socialization skills and had to be one of the students’ favorite CBI trips. Stay tuned for the next CBI!