Have you heard about the Cybrarium located in downtown Homestead, Florida? Well, today our B.R.I.D.G.E.S students had a real treat spending the morning at the Cybrarium, a one-of-a-kind library that offers an exciting blend of cutting-edge technology and a traditional library setting with lots of books and magazines for their Community Based Instruction (CBI).

Students enjoyed listening to a few stories written by African American authors in honor of Black History Month. Then they had a chance to take a tour of the library and learn about what was offered for the public to use: stem activities, videos, book, games and so much more.  But without a doubt, their favorite activity was doing the Virtual Reality Experience. Several of them participated in the “Walk in the Woods” virtual experience and the more experienced students were able to choose games like Spiderman and Star Wars. Jordan even had fun getting Spiderman to dance!

After spending time at the Cybrarium, students walked over to a local Mexican Restaurant to enjoy lunch together. In class prior to the CBI, students reviewed the menu and discussed their budget and tip. They each brought their Visa Gift Card and were able to spend $25 on the meal, drink and tip. Some of the students ordered tacos and burritos, while others ordered chicken nuggets and fries. Job made sure he was staying within the budget before he placed his order since he wanted to get a side of fries too!

The students had a great time today, enjoying a new experience at the Cybrarium and a delicious lunch together. At the end of the meal, each student went to the cashier, paid for their meal, and had to figure out  tip. They all enjoyed their time together and did a great job with their budgeting, independence, and social skills!