Friendship was the topic of last week’s Community Based Instruction (CBI) with the B.R.I.D.G.E.S. students! Special Guests Robb Armstrong and Samantha Novick from the Wings of Friendship, a non-profit organization, attended the class to educate the students about their program. Wings of Friendship brings together individuals of all abilities through equitable opportunities and lasting friendships. The Friendship Journey provides inclusive programs that foster relationships through their Virtual Hangout and Summer Camp Programs.

Miguel, a former alumnus of the B.R.I.D.G.E.S. class, attended the CBI where he shared his experience at the Wings of Friendship. Some of his favorite activities were trivia, art, virtual field trips and beatboxing.

Samantha and Rob focused on the benefits of making new and lasting friendships in the Virtual Hangouts and Summer Camp. To keep students engaged, Samantha and Robb asked the class what qualities they thought would make a good friend. Some of the responses were someone who is trustworthy, someone they share interests with, and someone who is enjoyable to be around.

Students not only have the option to join the Wings of Friendship at no cost but can also sign up to volunteer and earn service hours. Catherine was very interested in serving as a volunteer!

The HDS Foundation wants to give a special thanks to Samantha Novick and Robb Armstrong for taking the time to share more information on the Wings of Friendship organization and how students can get involved. Stay tuned for our next CBI activity!