College isn’t just about going to class and writing papers. The full college experience includes meeting new people, making great friends, and having a blast. Social life is an essential and fun part of college, and that is no different for the Project THRIVE students. Last December, THRIVE organized a Christmas party for students to intermingle and have festive fun.

THRIVE Students have Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or related disorders, and generally find it difficult to initiate social interactions and make connections with others. THRIVE realizes that socializing is an important aspect of college, and necessary in life. Therefore, THRIVE hosts these casual functions to promote interest in students and strengthen their ability to establish communication within and outside the THRIVE community.

The Christmas party kicked off with an amazing gingerbread house decorating contest. Everyone tried their hand at cookie construction while listening to holiday music that set the cheerful mood. The HDS Foundation is proud to have supported THRIVE by donating a variety of materials for the party. All of the students in attendance had a great time listening to music, building gingerbread houses, and eating candy in preparation for the exciting holidays that followed.

Happy holidays from THRIVE and the HDS Foundation!