​Cristina Miranda Gilson is the Founder and CEO of HDS Companies. A passionate  Philanthropist, Cristina has been an active supporter of numerous charitable initiatives throughout her life. Inspired through her journey raising her daughters, she has been an avid supporter and outspoken advocate for the Autism Community for more than twenty years. In 2008, Cristina founded the HDS Foundation and proudly serves as the Chairman and President of the organization.

The HDS Foundation is the driving force behind the numerous charitable efforts of Cristina Miranda Gilson, and HDS Companies. The Foundation encapsulates Cristina’s passion for supporting the Autism Community through collaboration that brings together programs and resources, as well as HDS Companies’ commitment to pursuing corporate social responsibility initiatives in the communities in which we live, work, and learn. The Foundation’s primary mission is to provide resources for families, and organizations who Mentor, Teach, Develop, and Support individuals on the Autism Spectrum and beyond.

Cristina and her daughter, Kate Miranda Gilson, have personally experienced the journey of transitioning from high school to a successful post-secondary education. After this experience, Cristina decided to create a  “Toolbox for Success” to assist other parents and caregivers of teens and young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder or related disabilities in pursuing their transitional journey.

The “Toolbox for Success” equips the student, parents, and families with the necessary tools and supports that will help prepare them for a smooth transition. Cristina’s vision is that by utilizing the toolbox, teens and young adults will be able to successfully plan their journey into adulthood with the assistance of their parents or caregivers and strengthen their chances for meaningful, long-term employment, and a self-sufficient life.

The “Toolbox for Success” covers the categories listed below:

  • Parents and Families
  • Support System
  • Self-Advocacy
  • Strengths and Interests
  • Community Resources

Make sure to check out our Resources page that may help you in building YOUR Toolbox for Success.