We are excited to announce that as of yesterday, June 1st, we are officially moved into our new headquarters in Miami Lakes, FL. Please make sure you UPDATE our new address as noted below, and distribute as needed to your departments. Our telephone numbers and email addresses will remain the same.

This has been a milestone in the making over the past year. COVID-19 restrictions and our own Risk Management and Mitigation Plans have changed our  plans for celebration, so we will save it for a later date when we can share this with our Employees, Our Clients and Partners.

We will continue to support you as we have done without interruption, and are available if you need assistance through our normal channels.  For more information please contact Natalie Stevenson at 954-217-9597 x204 or at [email protected].

The HDS Companies Operations continue at100% remote since we deployed our Business Continuity Plan in the face of the COVID-19 risk, in March, 2020.  Our staff will continue to work on this platform until further notice.