This week, students in the B.R.I.D.G.E.S. class went to the Weston Diner for their weekly Community Based Instruction (C.B.I.) fieldtrip, to enjoy a delicious lunch! Many of the students had never been to the Weston Diner and were very excited to go and experience the American cuisine that promises to be like “a taste of home.”

Students took time to look over the menu in class, prior to heading to the diner. They had so much to choose from: breakfast and/or lunch items. All the students decided to order lunch. They also talked and practiced what good manners in a restaurant would be, using appropriate voice tone, and how to politely order from the waiter.

 Once they headed to the diner, each student ordered their own food. Students ordered chicken nuggets, burgers, wraps and salads! After lunch, time was spent socializing with one another, talking about the latest Marvel movie and what everyone was going to do on Mother’s Day.

Students continue to practice their Resources, Independence, Growth, Empowerment and Social Skills are they go out each week on their CBIs. Keep up the great work!