The Cypress Bay High School B.R.I.D.G.E.S. class took their weekly community-based instruction trip to Wings in Weston where they were able to practice their budgeting, independence and social skills.

Students were seated, and as they looked over the menu, they were surprised to find that the menu had a variety of options to choose from besides wings. We had students order chicken, hamburgers, and even shrimp! After they ordered, the class practiced their patience skills due to the length of time the food took to come out; so, students socialized with one another and laughed at stories being told. Once the food arrived, students quickly devoured their delicious meals and finished off by ordering either a cheesecake or chocolate cake.

Once students finished, they quickly paid for their lunch using their debit cards and headed back to Cypress Bay. Even though the restaurant took longer than expected, it was a blessing in disguise allowing students to really engage and practice a variety of skills. Stay tuned for the next CBI!