Pizza Pizza Pizza! Last week, the Cypress Bay High School B.R.I.D.G.E.S. class took on a three-part pizza challenge that gave students the opportunity to practice their budgeting, independence, development and social skills.  

The first part of the challenge took place in the classroom where students were divided into 3 groups. Within each group, students discussed the different toppings that would go on their pizza. For example, they had to agree on if they wanted extra cheese, sliced olives, pineapple chunks, or bacon. If the students chose not to get any extra toppings, then they had the choice of choosing a dessert.  

Once each group decided what they wanted on their pizza, they came together and searched for ingredients on As they found the items, one by one, students wrote down the price along with the aisle the items were located to make things more efficient. Once the groups completed their shopping list, they calculated the total (including tax) to make sure the final cost was under their given budget of $25.   

The second part of the challenge was their CBI trip where they took the bus to Walmart and shopped for their items. Even though the class had pre-planned this trip, there were still adversities that were faced in some groups. For example, Anita’s group had to figure out if purchasing 4-8-ounce bags of cheese was a better deal than purchasing one 32-ounce bag. Similarly, Charles’s group also had to problem solve whether it was smarter to buy two packages that included one pizza crust or one package with two pizza crusts. After each team figured out the best deals, they all headed towards the cashier and paid for their items making sure to stay below $25.  

The last and final part of the challenge took place at the CBHS kitchen where HDS Foundation staff member and students became chefs and created their group’s pizza with all the toppings. Once the pizzas were done baking, the class were able to enjoy a nice, fresh, delicious lunch together. The CBHS B.R.I.D.G.E.S. class is always having a blast while learning. Stay tuned for our next adventure!