The CHBS ESE Department and the HDS Foundation are once again teaming up to raise funds through involvement in the 2016 Dan Marino Walkabout Autism. This community event is unique because through it, the Marino Foundation awards K-12 School Teams a 25% grant of the total funds raised by the team for the respective school’s ESE Department. This is significant because it has allowed Cypress Bay’s, and a number of other school’s, ESE Department to purchase iPads, computers, software and different supplies needed to supplement the needs of the ESE Program at the Bay. The increase in supplies as a result of this event have greatly aided in the learning and understanding of the students tied to the ESE Department.

Team Cypress Bay has embarked on a campaign to promote this fundraiser throughout the school and community. The focus of the campaign is to have students join Team Cypress, rather than breaking up into different teams, so that the school can get the benefit of the funds they raise, as non-school groups do not get the benefit of the direct Grant.

The HDS Foundation staff visited the class this week, where students were creating large banner posters to hang around school. Additionally, smaller flyers were printed to circulate throughout different clubs and teachers at the school to get the word out. The Theme is #WeAreCypressBay, and the focus is to create one team. The school’s TV Production crew “After Shock” came to the classroom and interviewed different students and the teachers. Student Team Captain Katherine Miranda-Gilson, who has been the top fund-raiser for this event in years past, is focused on making this the best year yet for the walk. As a senior, she hopes to leave this legacy and spread awareness about this great organization.

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