On October 1st, all the students of the Cypress Bay BRIDGES Social Skills class and their parents, who came to Cypress Bay for the day, met with a Bank of America representative. The Bank of American representative spoke to them about opening bank accounts for themselves, something that is crucial to adult life but is unfortunately not taught in schools. Each student was able to open their own bank account, giving them the ability to see the money they have in their account, as well as deposit and withdraw money, and use the money that is in their account. They will now be able to keep track of their money and use their bank cards to pay for their purchases in other community based instructions or use their spending money. Having the parents there with their students was special both for the students and the parents. The students got to have the support of their parents as they opened their very first bank accounts, and the parents got to see the impacts of the Social Skills class and see their students learning how to live more independently. HDS Foundation’s very own Carla, Dr. Sandy, and Meagan were able to attend this event, and had a wonderful time. Everyone had bright smiles and there was a general feeling of accomplishment and excitement buzzing in the room. All in all, it was a very successful day.