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Secondary Transition Roadmap for Families

High School vs. Post Secondary

The Deferral Process for a Standard Diploma by Project 10

Navigating Your IEP

Standard Diploma Option for Students Entering HS as indicated by Project 10

Predictors to Support Your Student Post-Secondary Journey

Graduation Options-ACCEL vs. Technical Education by Project 10

Types of College and Post-Secondary Accommodations

Transition Services Requirements for Individual Educational Plans developed for students ages 12-21

Transition Planning for Students

Understanding ESE Acronyms by FND

Parent Questionnaire for IEP Meeting

Parent Questionnaire for Transition Services

Quick Tips on Transition Action Items by Age

IEP Preparation and Observation Guide for Families

A Guide for Parents and Educators to Assess Personal Preferences and to Develop an Indidvidualized Plan

Checklist for Transitioning to Adult Life

A Guide for Individuals, Parents, Educators and Employers to Assess Individuals Preferences and Employment Support Needs

Foundational Skills Checklist by Think College

Family Guide for Vocational Planning

Tips to preparing Your Child for Post-Secondary Ages 10-13

Tips to preparing Your Child for Post-Secondary Ages 13-15

Tips to preparing Your Child for Post-Secondary Ages 15-18

Tips to preparing Your Child for Post-Secondary Ages 18-21

Tips to preparing Your Child for Post-Secondary Success

Self Determination Skills: A Parent Assessment Tool-Graphic

Student Questionnaire to assess interests

Post-Secondary Planning Checklist for Parents

Preparing Your Child with ID for College Programs

Benchmarks for Middle School Transition

Middle School Trail Map by Project 10

How to Balance Parenting indicated by Project 10

Project 10 Parent Tips: Take Daily Steps to Develop SEC with Your Middle School Student

Broward Technical School Career Matrix

College Living Experience Checklist

Comparison of Disability Laws

Employability & Life Skills Assessment (ELSA)

Extended Transition Programs (Florida 18-22)

Miami-Dade Technical Schools

PACER CENTER – My IEP Owner’s Manual

PACER’s Guardianship

PACER’S Self Advocacy Plan

PACER CENTER – Ten Tips That May Help Your Child’s Transition to Adulthood

PACER’s Tips to Maximize the Parent Role in Transition

Pre-Employment Transition Services

Self Determination and Goals Checklist: Transition to Post-Secondary Pathways

Tips for Parents of College Seeking Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Transition Assessments Chart: Formal and InformalTransition Assessments Chart: Formal and Informal

The Transition to Employment: What Parents Can Do Now

Self-Determination and Self-Advocacy Guide

Making My Way Through College: A Guide for Students with Disabilities

SSA-Guide to Employment under SSDI & SSI Programs

Communication Tips for Families Working Together With School Staff

Preparing for Postsecondary Life

The documents provided above are resources that will facilitate families in their child’s transition to his/her post secondary journey. The resources come from different organizations that support the Autism community. If you would like for additional resources or more information, make sure to visit the organization’s website.